Emotional Marketing by Sumant Goenka

Emotional Connect in Digital Marketing by Sumant Goenka

Results of biggest elections around the world has proved beyond doubt the power of Social Media. Some may call it “Post Truth ”, but these events  demonstrate the strength of emotions in decision-making, and this has made CMOs around the world sit-up and contemplate changes in their strategies.

The Social Change

David Roman, CMO Lenovo says  “We change all the time. The move is from thinking about ourselves in terms of our products and what they do, to really thinking about ourselves in terms of our users, and what they do with our products,”

Companies are adopting new technologies to bring “User” into the centre of our advertisement & communications, with personalised messages in sync with the user profile.

Data Curation & Social Media with it’s ever growing depth in data profiling along with new technologies is bring the New Change.

New Features in Social Media Technology

Instagram recently launched ‘Stories’ a snapchat-like feature. Facebook has opened up Messenger for brand communication via ‘chatbot’. Soon it is expected that even video streaming in Facebook will start incorporating ads.

With the advent of AI-driven “chatbots”, marketers are being able to connect more interestingly. On one hand, AI makes the interaction between the person and the device far more interesting. The device not only knows you but knows the context you are chatting. It picks up information, accumulates them and as it knows more about you it becomes more useful.

Written by Sumant Goenka

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  1. Ashu Roy Reply

    Non factual ads by brands have been practiced since time immemorial. Now its time to wake up to truth.

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