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Digital Marketing is evolving as the largest media channel by investment and the approach will be more polished in the months ahead. Facts and truths are getting replaced by emotions. Emotional approach is something that is getting more attention of the customers rather than the factual one. This challenge will make the marketers, agencies, and platforms step up with more engaging, emotionally appealing and psychologically connecting approaches in the year 2017. Post-truth era – as it is termed will bring various new approaches to social media marketing.

Marketers are looking out for buckling down in the year 2017, following a year fraught with broken trust and scandals in Indian Real estate industry. In order to improve the business relationships and metrics more personalized approach has to be adapted rather than just something which is intuitive.

Artificial Intelligence – from smart to smarter:


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning were introduced in the year 2016 and has set its footstep. So, in this year it is predicted to capture a prominent place in the marketers’ toolbox. Through this, they are looking out to creating more relevant experiences this year. It will be used as the key component both in the case of consumer-facing engagement as well as behind the scenes. Marketing executives are predicting that AI will revolutionize their industry by 2020.

Measurement is prioritized:


Measuring Results

In the last year, data and analytics seemed to be out of control as Facebook and others revealed multiple measurement faults. A need for better performance indicator is necessary for the present situation. Measuring the growth in location-based and online-offline engagements will definitely increase the complications among the marketers. Analyst, Forrester Research, Brigitte Majewski has rightly stated that “Measurement and data are the only way for marketers to get control of a situation they have completely lost control of.”

Auto-driven experiences:

Siri iPhone, iOS Google Assistant

Auto-driven experiences will become mainstream in 2017 onwards, propelling the marketers to adjust their strategies. If they are looking out for engaging their customers then their search, advertising, and content strategies have to be adjusted accordingly. Especially mentioning the customers who are spending more time talking to their digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and others. Facebook will support the trend with its launch in late December of live audio broadcasts.

“The biggest difference in 2017 is going to be a focus on transparency”, said Forrester’s Majewski. Google, Facebook, and Twitter dealt with their own metrics mishaps. That has left the Digital Marketing Agencies question whether their partners are intentionally obscuring results or don’t have a grasp of what’s happening on their platform! Therefore it is evident that in the Real Estate Digital Marketing the path to healing will start with marketers asking harder questions of their partners.

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