Market Real Estate Online to Increase Leads

Is traditional format of advertising (newspaper ad, hoarding etc) turning out to be expensive and inefficient? If yes, you may just have new medium i.e. digital media.

Internet and smart phones have opened up a whole new world for advertising, which is effective and elastic.

In the last few years, property developers have also started using Digital Marketing with varying degree of success, depending on various factors, including their understanding and faith on the medium. To truly take full advantage of this new medium the approach has to be 360 degree rather than taking bits and pieces.

As Digital Marketing is a relatively new phenomena in the real estate sector, benchmark/industry standards are generally unknown, making it difficult for developers to judge, decide and plan a proper Digital Marketing program that would not only yield higher number of clicks, but proper leads as well.

Unlike traditional media, digital marketing is also measurable. This helps in selection of medium, medias and channels more effectively. Being targeted and measurable, online marketing strategies are more cost effective than other traditional media. Both social media outreach and online paid ads reach the right category of target audience– age group, tastes, geography etc. with a dual intent of creating brand awareness and driving prospective buyers to make inquiries

Even when the prime objective consists of sailing approach, the effectiveness of digital marketing can be considered by measuring various factors like –

a) Visit of website

b) Engagement and quality of visitors and

c) Enquiries and lead guaranteed

Reaching out to the target buyers and building an emotional connect on a one to one basis, especially when it involves high value purchases such as homes is imperative. Social media serves as a potent channel where the prospective buyers can be educated about the brand, as well as guided through the process of purchasing a home. It is now widely acknowledged that Digital Marketing can be much better managed if developers understand its true potential and engage with the right people.

Axiom Estates has been working with a number of property developers by charting effective Digital Marketing programs and executing multiple campaigns over various channels, enabling their properties to reach not only a larger segment of property buyers, but the right kind of property buyers whose demographics and requirements came closest to the properties offered, thereby maximizing the number of effective leads which in turn maximized sales opportunities.

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